Bloom 2022

I had the honour of being part of Bloom 2022. 

My Yellow Iris Painting was accepted and hung in the Pheonix Park Visitor Centre for the Bloom and the month of June.

It was great to see my work up on the wall with some fantastic art by various artists. 

Sceitse Project 2020

I was involved in the Irish Society of Botanical Artists book called Sceitse. The idea behind the book would be that each artist would take a different Garden and chose flowers with in the garden to document and study. 

I chose the wonderful St. Anne’s Park as the garden I want to paint in. I visited the walled garden over a few months. I chose flowers that I wanted to paint. I looked at the flowers through the different stages of them blooming. 

This project took many months to do. Two of the illustrations below were published in the book. I was very proud of the work that I created. 

Eireannach Project 2018

I was involved in the Irish Society of Botanic Artists project Eireannach. The project involved choosing a native plant to paint. 

I chose to do the Marsh Thistle.  With the help of my family we found Marsh Thistles growing in the Anne Valley in County Waterford. I took lots of photographs of the plant. I sketched the plant in detail. I looked at the plant developing. 

When I had finished my research I went about painting the thistle to show it in all it’s glory. This took many weeks to do. I wanted to show all of the little details on the thistle. 

When I was finished I submitted my piece to be judged to hopefully be published into the Book. I was very happy when I heard that I got accepted into the book.