I was involved in the Irish Society of Botanical Artists book called Sceitse. The idea behind the book would be that each artist would take a different Garden and chose flowers with in the garden to document and study. 

I chose the wonderful St. Anne’s Park as the garden I want to paint in. I visited the walled garden over a few months. I chose flowers that I wanted to paint. I looked at the flowers through the different stages of them blooming. 

This project took many months to do. Two of the illustrations below were published in the book. I was very proud of the work that I created. 

Eireannach Project 2018

I was involved in the Irish Society of Botanic Artists project Eireannach. The project involved choosing a native plant to paint. 

I chose to do the Marsh Thistle.  With the help of my family we found Marsh Thistles growing in the Anne Valley in County Waterford. I took lots of photographs of the plant. I sketched the plant in detail. I looked at the plant developing. 

When I had finished my research I went about painting the thistle to show it in all it’s glory. This took many weeks to do. I wanted to show all of the little details on the thistle. 

When I was finished I submitted my piece to be judged to hopefully be published into the Book. I was very happy when I heard that I got accepted into the book.