Sea Aster
Pencilled Cranesbill

This Collection started off with me writing out down two words in my Sketchbook ‘Love’ and ‘Be Kind’. I liked the idea of doing the words out in an Irish Calligraphy style. I have a strong interest in Calligraphy. I decided that I could combine my two loves of Flowers and Calligraphy in one piece. I drew them up and then I decided to add an Irish Flower around each Letter. Each Letter would represent an Irish Flower.

I draw up each Letter approx. A5 size in pencil. I then researched a flower that would correspond with the Letter. I decided I would have 3 flowers for every letter.  Once they were drawn up in Pencil I added a small about of pen work. I then added the first layer of Paint using my watercolour paints. I then added built up the layers until I was happy with the detail. 

I really liked how the Letters were turning especially the L (Love-in-a-Mist). I made a decision that I would do all the letters of Alphabet. I knew this would take me a long long time to do but I liked the idea of the Challenge. 

I researched a flower for each Letter. Some were easy to decide on with lots of options. Others were more difficult for instance the Letter U I had to use the Scientific Name of Lesser Bladderwort which is Utricularia Minor. The Letter X was also a difficult one so I decided to look for a flower that had at least an X in its name. I went for the flower Crocosmia X Crocomiflora. 

After many hours of painting I finally had finished all the letters. The hard work was not finished though there. I then had to scan in each individual letter. I then had to take away the background of each letter. When I had each letter ready I firstly put together the full alphabet and then I started to put each word together. I really liked how it had all come together. I then put the word ‘Love’ and ‘Be Kind’ together which the idea was based around. I added more to the collection like ‘I Love Bees’ and ‘Love the Sea’. I love swimming in the sea and observing the bees in action so I wanted to things that meant something to me and maybe to others. 

The Alphabet