Firstly I take a photograph of my subject matter. I then decide what part of the photograph I will look at more. I plan out the composition of the painting. I then sketch out the overall in pencil. I use a 2H pencil for this. I was the lines to be light so that I can rub them out. Next I take my fine liners and I start to look at all the details with in the photograph. The part of the process can take a long time. I use mainly 0.03 and 0.05 fine liners when I am doing this part. 

Next I start to add colour to the illustration. I start by adding my first layer of paint. This is stage is adding the overall colour of each section. I think add another and the next layer. With each layer I add more colour and detail. My paint brush also gets smaller. I generally use a very fine paint brush to add my detail. It can take many hours to paint the illustration. I work it up each time I am working on the painting. I then reach a stage that I happy with the painting and I do not at anymore detail.