Fabulous Birds

During Christmas of 2020 I went to visit my Parents for a couple of weeks.  I spend a lot of time sketches and thinking of new ideas for illustrations. 

In the garden there is a large bird feeder that attracts all types of birds. I spent at lot of time looking out the window watching them.

I was fascinated with how they interacted with each other. All of the birds had their own personality. This lead me to develop an Illustration that showed off their characteristics. 

I imagined a group of birds getting all dressed up for a day out.  I wanted each bird to have a hat and a necklace. For Inspiration for the hats I looked at the hats that Queen Elizabeth wears. 

Once I had done my sketches in my sketchbook I drew them up the illustration onto Fabriano Paper. I then used my fine liner to add all the detail and then I proceeded to paint. I am really happy with the finished piece. It has become a very popular item in my online shop