Honeysuckle Study

In my Garden I planted a Honeysuckle scrub a few years ago. It has grown from strength to strength. During the Summer it blossoms and the flowers come out. The flowers are plentiful. In the evening we I am sitting in my sun room with the doors open the smell of the Honeysuckle is strong. It is a beautiful smell. The flowers last for so long until sometime in September. 

I think the Honeysuckle flower is beautiful. It is so complex and the colours are stunning. I decided to try and document the flower from its early stage to the berries.

I started this study during the summer. I drew the flower as a bud and the different elements of the flower. I need to finish painting the main honeysuckle flower to show the colour of the flower. 

Recently I saw the Honeysuckle bush outside and saw the fabulous red berries that were coming alive. I decided to take one part of this and show the berry growing and the part of the plant before the berry comes out. 

I will add a new post when the illustration study is finished.